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 Reasons Why Power Levelling is Discouraged

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PostSubject: Reasons Why Power Levelling is Discouraged   Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:13 am

We love party! Everybody does! And we love to know that everyone is doing well and leveling fast but here are good reasons why plveling is not encourage:

1) You missed out on so many quests and bosses and fun experiences that is actually part of your growing up and enjoyment.
2) You missed out on the fun and frustrations in running in dungeons. And in your history under quest tab, you missed out on the history of killing these bosses.
3) Importantly, because you level in no time, it puts you in a horrible situation once you reach higher levels because you missed out on getting fames and reputations in the three main cities namely Kaslow, Jale and Ilya. Failing to get enough fame for these cities is a big frustration when you are high level because you will not be able to upgrade your talents.
4) It also makes the person you ask unhappy because they don't want to be look bad in your eyes so they don't want to say "NO"
but deep inside them, you never know... Unless if they offer you, then by all means take it! But don't push other people away by asking and bothering too much. They also have their own cares ^_^.
5) Above all, power leveling hurt the guild. How so? Because every fame and prestige counts! We used to be rank one of the top 50's or better yet 30's before but now, we even failed to be part of the top 100s in the list... We aim to join guild war by next year, so we need everyone's cooperation to make it happened. Let's raise our guild prestige as it is the basis of the guild ranking system.

So, guys, here is an advice: I hope everyone understand, please don't ask to be power leveled! And please do run guild quests even if as of the moment we are maxed out, it is good for both your character and the guild. Let's work to make this a great guild that we can all be proud of!

Go MizpahElite! and Happy leveling!


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PostSubject: Re: Reasons Why Power Levelling is Discouraged   Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:45 am

I agree with that >_<, i am behind cause of paying for my lvls and doing WCM and not quests ><
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Reasons Why Power Levelling is Discouraged
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