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 How to Gain Prestige

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PostSubject: How to Gain Prestige   Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:45 am

If you don't know, prestige is very important. It helps you with your ranking and it helps the guild's overall ranking as well. But not all of us know how to get these so called prestige or where? Here are some tips:

1) In every major cities: Kaslow, Jale and Ilya, you will find a Quill Book Merchant. Visit him/her and buy the books in your level. Also, in every map you go to, there is always a Trading Merchant that sells books, buy and do the series of quests as well. Every book done is 5pts to prestige.
2) Sometimes there are rare sub-bosses that roam around the map, if you kill him, it adds 1 pt to your prestige. Here's a tip if you don't mind: after killing that sub-boss, change channel and you will find him there. So, as we have 5 channels now, you can have 5pts if you kill him. ^_^
3) Run dungeons. Every bosses you killed gives you fame, depending on what dungeon or bosses it could range from 1-12 pres per boss. But here is something you need to know. If you run PC as a lvl 25 and you ask a lvl 50 to kill for u, you won't get no prestige because the person in your party is way to high for the said dungeon. so party accordingly if you want the fame.
4) Do world bosses.

So, to sum it all up, the more books you finished, the more bosses and sub-bosses you killed, the faster you get prestige. And better yet, party with the ones in the guild - the ones about same level as you, then not only will the other party will get prestige but also, it help the guild's rank significantly!

Good luck farming PRESTIGE!

In your service,
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How to Gain Prestige
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