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 Guild Rules [Very Important: Please READ]

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PostSubject: Guild Rules [Very Important: Please READ]   Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:56 pm

Dear All

Please read MizpahElite rules, If any MizpahElite is found to violate any rules, please report in Complements/complaints section, appropriate actions will be taken by MizpahElite management.

Clan Rules to Join Guild!

* No Ksing/Begging/Looting (If any MizpahElite member does this, please report and appropriate action will be taken by MizpahElite Management )
* No PK Abusing (Expect PK arena's)– Do NOT kill other just for the pleasure!
* No Foul language to be used, Need to be friendly!
* Respect other on the way you would like to be respected
* Use English in Guild chat, so we all can be part of a Family and no one is left alone .

Rest use your Common Sense

Guild Leader: Misachi
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Guild Rules [Very Important: Please READ]
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