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 DONATIONS needed!!!

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PostSubject: DONATIONS needed!!!   Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:44 pm

Hi Guys,

I know all of us love to have an active guild full of surprises and fun and activities. In so doing, it is also even more fun to have prices in most if not all of the events that we are holding. But we won't be able to do these without your help and support.

We, as a team, needs to build each other up and thus needs to support the guild to survive and have fun! I am asking everyone to make small donations every now and then to whatever they can afford and mail it to me with a subject Donation. The reason that I want it mailed is because we cannot donate the prices fund directly to the guild because as of now I cannot withdraw anything there. The guild treasury is only used to buy those guild banners, sprite king(limit to 1 per guild), guild base( which we already have, limit 1), and guild skills. Other than that, it will be sitting there for further GF guild updates. Thus, I would prefer that if you are able to send me by mail some gold or items that you may think is good for prices then i can designate 1 of my alts to hold it for this purpose only. So everything donated for prices whether it be gold or items will be stored in that alt. Rest assured all our labors are not in vain.

We need everyone's cooperation to make this guild a better and hopefully the BEST! WE aim for the BEST!

Good luck MizpahElite! and thank you for your unwavering and undying support!!!



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DONATIONS needed!!!
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