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 Forum Rules [Must Read]

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PostSubject: Forum Rules [Must Read]   Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:58 pm

Welcome to the MizpahElite forums!

The following rules or regulations explain the probable acts and discipline of members inside the MizpahElite forums. These rules may not include all forms of violations. Therefore, forum moderators /administrators reserve the right to evaluate every incident and take action they consider applicable to the case.

1. Spamming, Flooding / Nonsense posts or topics is not allowed.
We do not tolerate spamming, flooding (over posting entries of the same content, similar phrases), gibberish replies. A limit of only 3 out of topic replies can be excused, to avoid deviating from the main topic.
Penalty: If anyone is found of these acts, she/he will be penalized accordingly and the thread/post will be closed/ deleted without prior notice. Deliberate and/or repeated violators will be banned for 7 days temporarily or permanently depending on severity.

2. No Game Master / Administrator / Moderator Impersonations.
Any form of GM or Admin Impersonations will never be tolerated.
Penalty: All those who will get caught will be banned permanently.

3. Flaming, Harassment, and Discrimination is not allowed.
Let us act like a community, avoid offending other people on the boards. Avoid cussing, posting derogatory comments, flaming, racism and trolling.
Penalty: Members found to be violating this rule are subject to 7 days mute. Deliberate and/or repeated violators will be banned for 2 weeks temporarily.

4. Avoid Accusations or Rumors.
This will only do more harm than good to the person(s) involved. If there are any reports about any violation or anything that doesn’t have a valid or concrete proof, it is best to private message the concerned parties first.
Penalty: Members found to be violating this rule are subject to 7 days mute. Deliberate and/or repeated violators will be banned for 2 weeks temporarily.

9. Regulate Your Signatures and Avatars.
Limit the resolution of your signatures to 500x300 pixels that includes normal-sized text and all images. Posting of offensive material is strictly prohibited on any part of the forum and use of offensive material as an avatar and signature is strictly prohibited. Please limit image signatures to one or a combination of small images that total to the maximum file size and dimension. Do not use heavy animated signatures that exceed over 500kb.
Penalty: Avatars / Signatures that violate this rule will be removed.

10. Unauthorized distribution of Real-Life Personal Information is not allowed.
This includes unauthorized posting of real-life information about other players or Moderators/ Administrators.
Penalty: Anyone found to be violating this rule, he/she will be given a warning and post will be deleted. Any further violations may result in a permanent ban from the forum.

Be responsible posters. If you know someone committing violations and such and has gone unnoticed, please report them to our Forum Guardians / Admins

~ o ~ END ~ o ~

Many Thanks
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Forum Rules [Must Read]
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