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 Grand Fantasia UPDATES!!!

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PostSubject: Grand Fantasia UPDATES!!!   Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:00 am

There's alot of new stuff thanks to the update!!! (However nothing new with guilds. -sigh-)

-The level cap HAS been raised to 80, first to 80 will get a prize (And we will be spammed with their name EVERY HOUR FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS... groaaaan...)
-There are THREE new maps, and I have pictures of them for you guys!

The first one is called 'Anicent Polar Ruins', a 76-78 zone that can be accessed via Winterflake Forest. It looks like this:

The second one is called 'Auris Bay', a 78-80 zone that can be accessed via Knight Valley and Ancient Polar Ruins. It looks like this:

The third one is the GM map, hosted for events... Since there isn't any GM events using the map, I don't have a picture of it... But it's accessed by the NPC next to the Soul Preservation crystal.

-There is bundles of new quests, skills and mobs!
-Magic Alchemy Rewards were changed (finally)

And that's it.. Hope you all enjoy the updates!
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Grand Fantasia UPDATES!!!
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