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 Great Money Making Guide

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PostSubject: Great Money Making Guide   Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:47 pm

Tired of being broke and seeing spam crap in your mail?

Would you rather see gold? $_$

Then keep scrolling down and follow this simple guide.

1. DO NOT!!! Simply Throw or NPC Stuff
Most items in the world of Saphael has some value,
DO NOT be wasteful and discard these items.
Always check what these items can be used for or
what form you can sell them at.

Ex. Mesozoic Stones
These can be used to make Green-class Effect Stones
from the formula scrolls that can be purchased from any alchemist in any city
(See Picture Below).

Blue-class Weapons, Capes and Accessories
sell depending on the class and stats it has.

Paladin: VIT/STR
Ranger: AGI/VIT
Assassin: STR/AGI
Wizard: INT/VIT
Necromancer: INT/VIT
Berserker: STR/AGI/VIT

Keep your sprite Salvage skill level up-to-date
Green-class items are practically useless to sell as is, BUT what you can do is salvage such items.

Ex. Mysterious Essence
Can be sold for 2-8g depending on the supply.
Can also be used to craft low level armors to sell of a good price

2. Craft Craft Craft!!!
Always check AH (Salesperson in town) for orange weapons and armors,
and compare them to what your sprite can craft.
Also, keep track of the abundance and prices of such items.

Ex. Flaming Fang (Swordcrafting lvl 28)
This is a popular PvP sword used by ranger for its effect (chance of double attack).
Depending on the Prefix the prices changes. Price is according to the AH prices.
NOTE: Grand Fantasia prices fluctuate alot keep track of changes
Deadly-Flaming Fang(+8% Critical Damage) = 100-120g
Fatal-Flaming Fang(+2% Critical Hit Rate) = 80-100g

3. Price'em Right
Always compare and contrast the prices in AH and post your items accordingly.
Look for the highest priced item, then look for the lowest priced item,
finally check how many of these items are available for purchase.
NOTE: If there are more than 8 of a similar item you plan to sell in AH...
DO NOT Post it...Your item wont sell in 24 hrs.

Also, imitate the pricing tactics that all
supermarkets, department store, and sales use.
You might have noticed that most
products for sale are priced like so... $19.99, $29.99, $99.99
There is a reason for this...say 20 out loud...
...then say 19.99(nineteen ninety-nine).
Didn't 19.99 sound better and much cheaper?
Ex. Other person's Price 10gold
Your Price 9gold 99silver 99copper

4. Do ALOT of Quests
Do all quests that you can get, especially Quests from Quill Books...
Quill Books are sold by Quill Merchants in the main cities,
these are also sold by General Store Merchants every map.
Such books not only give XP and Gold as rewards but some rare items as well.
Do Repeatable Quests usually marked with (REP) at the end,
they give an good amount of XP and Gold.
Mission Orders - purchased from the Monster Hunting Board
these can be seen outside a dungeon are repeatable,
is gives items on top of Gold and XP.
Demon Hunter REP - quests that task you with killing a certain monsters,
these quests reward you Map Fragments on top of the XP and Gold.
These Map Fragments (Upper, Middle, Lower) can be assembled through
an alchemist of a fee, going the the locations indicated in the completed map
and using them on that spot reveals treasure chests that have the possibility
of rewarding you with rare items that can sell from 10-100+ Gold and gives
you the chance to find a dragon mount amongst the treasures.
NOTE: Treasure maps may give you items less worth than the fee you paid
to piece the maps together.
Contributed by Ruani

5. Farm Farm Farm
There are quests that ask for a certain number of items to turn is have the (REP) suffix.
Farm REP quest items, these can be sold at a decent price per stack (250 pcs.)

Ex. Spellcaster's Yak Horn (Yaks @ Lost Highlands drop this)
(Sells for 250-300g)

Farm Lost Powers...some lost powers sell for a lot per stack.

Ex. Lost Power of the Highland sell for about 60-100g a stack
these are found in Belcar Plateau.
Contributed by Ruani

Sprite Gathering...Mine, Forage, Hunt
Check the AH Supplies Section (White and Green Category) for Mining, Foraging, and Hunting...
Observe which items sell for a pretty penny... then make your sprite gather these to sell.

Ex. Silverleaf Branch (Foraging: White Category) = 16-25g a stack
Silver Bone (Hunting: Green Category) = 2-4g EACH!!!

6. Be the Merchant
Buy cheap, sell high...
When items in the M-Alch table are in abundance the sale price is lower because of the surplus.
Buy such items and wait a week or two or until the item no longer appears in the M-Alch table
then resell them for a higher price than you purchased them.
NOTE: This requires spare gold to start off because you need to buy items...
and won't have access to the gold until you resell them.
Contributed by Ruani

Proof of Tip #3 and #5

A stack (250pcs) of Spellcaster's Yak Horns SOLD

7. Be an Item Hunter
Hunt Rare Monsters...
If you open your Quest Log, in the History tab you can see lists of Rare Monsters...

Rare Monsters have the chance of dropping rare items such as...
Talent blueprints and most important of all Skill Power Stones, which sell for quite a nice amount

Jelly Rabbit Fan...
Break any destroyable background items like Urns and Jars you find...

They Drop Jelly Rabbit Coins that can be sold at AH or
collected to turn in to various Jelly Rabbit Fan Club NPC for a chance to get a Jelly Cape.
These Capes can be HP or MP Regen and the effect varies as per Cape level.
*Level 20 Jelly Mana Cape = 500-800g*

Fight Emissaries
World Bosses called Emissaries spawn at certain times throughout the week.
Join other players to kill these beasts for Fame and Prizes.
Only ONE sure hit is enough to give you credit for the kill when it dies.
Kill one and you will be rewarded with a Gift Box that will be in you mail.
Most people start killing from Ch1 to Ch4 to get 4 times the reward boxes.
NOTE: Beware..emissaries have massive aoe and can kill the unprepared player.

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Posts : 61
Join date : 2010-11-04
Location : USA

PostSubject: Re: Great Money Making Guide   Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:54 pm

Quests - especially repeatables that reward map pieces. Some items can be worth 100g+

Farming - REP turn in items and lost powers. Ex. Lost Power of the Highland sell for about 60-100g a stack and they are found in Belcar Plateau 19-25 zone (or something like that).

Mission Orders - Although they aren't huge numbers at lower levels, they definitely add up when they reward you with decent gear as well. Salvage the items you can't use and make extra.

Salvage - keep your main sprite high level by Salvaging. You will made quite a bit off this. Always salvage items you can't trade or are too crappy to sell. (btw, my salvage is still 45 :-(, need a lot of work ... )

Merchant - Buy items when they're in the MAlch table. Wait a week or two and resell them. This requires spare gold to start off because you need to buy items and won't have access to the gold until you resell them.

Buy AP - I'm not encouraging you to spend but it sure is tempting even if it's a free game. I spent $20 after 6 months of playing the game because I felt I'm not going nowhere.. lol. I'm not an advocate, after all this game is free. Buying AP can also become addicting. So, watch out. However, this is the easiest way to make money only "IF" you know how... or this is also the fastest way to get broke not just in-game but in real life as well!!! so watch out!

NEVER. I repeat. NEVER beg for money. People will remember you for doing so and this will make people like you less. If people like you less, you get less business (and less parties when trying to level). Plain and simple. DON'T BEG.

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Great Money Making Guide
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