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 Sub-guild: MizpahLords

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PostSubject: Sub-guild: MizpahLords   Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:08 am


We have seen how our guild has grown over the past months and especially the past weeks. We have been reaching the member limit and thus cannot recruit anymore new members. Also, some of us has a lot of alts in the guild which is taking up the guild slot for a prospect new member, thus, to resolve all these concern, I decided to make a sub-guild. The purpose of which is to eliminate our low level alts from our main guild and put it in the sub-guild. Also, so we can recruit more new faces and more high level ones. This sub-guild is considered to be our training camp. Once you're high enough and meet the MizpahElite's requirement, then any member there will be promoted and be sent to us. The ultimate purpose is to strengthen MizpahElite so that by next year, we can be a high ranking guild that can do GUILD WARS and can run more dungeons.

I allowed mafisto aka xKYEx to use one of his alts to create a subguild named MizpahLords. His alt's name is RazieI. So guys, please, help us strengthen our guild by letting your alts go to MizpahLords. Let's make space for others to come join us.

Also, please help MizpahLords grow by putting your alts there and help it alteast grow to lvl 2 by doing guild quest. In so doing, Raz can activate the auto-recruitment once level 2 is reach. so, please help!

Thank you for your faithfulness and your constant cooperation.

Looking forward for the growth of this guild!!!


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Sub-guild: MizpahLords
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